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foto dan profil artis Afgan

Name : Afgan Syah Reza
Nickname : Afgan
Born : Jakarta, Mei, 27 1989 

Afgan is a singer from India, his first album titled "Confenssion No.1" in the month of January 2008. By relying on the song "thank you love."

Afgan career singing in the world has seen since childhood, was born in the family makes an Afghan music lovers will begin to look and sound like the world of drag.

His career in the world when he started singing with her friends make their own collection of cd album recorded in WannaB Instant Recording Studio. Unsuspected turns out they are monitored by the producer directly WannaB Afgan offered for recording. Doubt - doubt about it finally was accepted and began the Afghan record in the year 2008.

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