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Cantiknya artis Julie Estelle

Full Name: Julie Estelle Gasnier
Nick Name: Julie
Nationality: Indonesia
Place / Date of birth: Jakarta, January 4, 1989
Height : 165 cm
Sign: Capricorn
Father's Name: Thierry Gasnier
Mother's Name: Hilda Limbara
Education: SMU Lycee International Francais de
Favorite Colors: Blue

Filmography: Alexandria (2005), Dealova (2005), Kuntilanak (2006), Kuntilanak 2 (2007), Selamanya (2007), Kuntilanak 3 (2008), Macabre (Maut Kian Genap) (2009).

Julie Estelle was born in Jakarta on 4 January 1989. Julie career, so called normal, starting from the image model and then crawl to the movie.
As a photo model, Julie's' hot 'pose is now appearing in the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine. The emergence of the magazine that has a market of adults, up to now invite controversial. One of them, Julie and the trail should follow up the review involved a religious social organizations.
Julie who enter nominations Most Favorite Rising Star MTV film through Alexandria.

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