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Foto artis cantik Lotta Aleksandrovna

Name: Lotta Senk Alexandrovna
Popular name : Senk Lotta
Gender: Female

Lotta Aleksandrovna Senk, but he is more better known as Sen kLotta . Lotta, is a model of Uzbek origin who end her career in Indonesia.

Married by actor Fauzi Baadilah on January 23, 2007, make a name Senk Lotta increasingly known in the entertainment world country.

Early Career senk Lotta in the entertainment world starting by being a model in magazines and continues to be a model with a video clip with her husband, Fauzi for D'Alpha band.

Although at this time she was embroiled in issues of divorce with Fauzi, did not make the gait Lotta hiccup. She was even more confident for a career in the ground water even without accompanied by her husband. Lotta trusted as a model video clip Anang Hermansyah and The Dance Company.

Did not take long for Senk Lotta for divorce. On January 27, 2010, in East Jakarta PA, Lotta has decided officially divorced with Fauzi. Although it has been divorced, Senk Lottanot necessarily return to his country, Uzbekistan. Because there is a contract with management, so she chose to settle in Indonesia.

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